The percentage of households experiencing hunger in Missouri has more than doubled in the last decade, the highest increase in the country. One in five children in Missouri now live in food insecure households. Why do we have so many hungry people? Why are so many families not able to feed themselves, pay the light bill or even find shelter?

Kansas City has a number of downstream organizations that provide emergency food, shelter and utility assistance. But emergency services don’t solve the problem of poverty. Even though poverty is a complex issue with multiple causes, it shouldn’t stop us from supporting the causes we can identify – high school dropouts, illiteracy, low wages, lack of technical training, and not enough affordable housing.

If emergency relief is a favorite charity of yours,  consider learning about the organizations in our community that help keep high school students in school, provide workforce training and advocate for investment in education. And learn about other organizations that provide financial management counseling and work to increase the supply of affordable housing in healthy, connected neighborhoods. Click on the links below:

Reminder – We make no recommendations re. the organizations listed. If you support a new organization because of this website, please mention this campaign when you donate.

Workforce training and high school youth development

Financial counseling and affordable housing in healthy, connected neighborhoods