Selection Criteria

How were the organizations selected?

The forty organizations listed on this site are all working on causes, and working to solve problems.

For this project we chose to focus on smaller, local organizations not run by a church or municipality. We identified most of the organizations using the GKC Community Foundation website, and selected those that were at least three years old, had yearly revenues of at least $50,000, and were up to date on their foundation reports.

While our focus is on local organizations, we have also included some national upstream organizations, primarily on the animal page.

We chose categories based on what we know about the Kansas City nonprofit environment and the popularity of downstream causes. There are many other upstream organizations that also deserve our support including all forms of education, human rights and fact-based journalism and news reporting

The organizations listed are here for your consideration and we’ve made no recommendations. We encourage you to do your own research at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation (for local nonprofits), and at Great NonProfitsGuide Star and Charity Navigator for local and national nonprofits.